Measures to improve the structural performance of rocker gear shaft

According to the statistical analysis of the faults, it is found that the gears and bearings on the second shaft assembly often fail due to the complex working environment and poor working conditions in the coal mine, which has a great influence on the service performance and reliability of the whole gearbox. Therefore, the mechanical analysis of the gear shaft assembly is carried out in order to find out the causes of its failure, and corresponding measures are put forward to improve the gear shaft assembly The structural performance of the system provides a theoretical basis for the design and optimization of the shearer, so as to achieve the purpose of reliable mining.

1) Structural design. In view of the weak link of the gear shaft, the design level should be optimized continuously, the material used should be improved, the manufacturing process should be improved, and the structural stability and reliability of the gearbox should be strengthened.

2) Assembly. Assembly is an important factor affecting the service life of gear parts. The assembly parameters of gear mesh and bearing shall be strictly controlled to improve the assembly accuracy and reduce the assembly error.

3) Inspection and maintenance. Make routine inspection, find out abnormal noise and high temperature in time, and deal with abnormal faults in time; open box inspection regularly, and find out problems such as gear fatigue pitting in advance. If necessary, use vibration detection equipment to detect and diagnose the vibration of gear parts, so as to achieve early prevention and early treatment.

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