Model selection of precision forging equipment for spur bevel gears

When selecting the tonnage of friction press required for precision forging straight bevel gear, first calculate the precision forging forming force of bevel gear, and then determine the equipment tonnage according to the deformation characteristics. The formula is as follows:


F ‘- nominal pressure;

Q – deformation coefficient, 1.6 for fine pressed parts with small deformation, 1.3 for straight bevel gear forgings with slightly large deformation, and 0.9-1.1 for straight bevel gear forgings with large deformation.

According to the forming force of precision forged straight bevel gear and the tonnage calculation formula of friction press in the table, 4000kn friction press precision forged planetary gear and 10000kN friction press precision forged halfshaft gear are selected.

WorkpieceForming forceFormula 1Formula 2Formula 3Formula 4Formula 5Formula 6
Planet gearPre forging457555634421317930004046
Planet gearforging445560585201450730004623
Halfshaft gearPre forging13691136811119580491000010244
Halfshaft gearforging137441488313171114151000011707