New international standard of gear accuracy officially released in 2013

The international standard of gear accuracy is formulated by ISO Technical Committee 60 (ISO / TC60, hereinafter referred to as TC60). Founded in the middle of the 20th century, TC60 is a committee specially responsible for the formulation of various gear standards in the international organization for standardization, so TC60 is also known as the gear Committee. Industrial developed countries attach great importance to TC60, and all organize the most authoritative institutions and experts to participate in its work, such as AGMA, VDMA, etc. China is a standing member of ISO. In the 1980s, some experts participated in TC60 working conference, but it failed to continue for many reasons, resulting in China’s failure to participate in the formulation of the last round of international standards for gears. At present, Professor Shi Zhaoyao of Beijing University of technology is the representative of TC60 in China and participated in the formulation of iso1328-1:2013 and other gear standards, which not only means that we can understand the latest trend of international gear standard formulation, but also means that China has restored its voice in international gear standard formulation.

The new edition of ISO 1328-1:2013 (E) is officially issued by the international organization for Standardization (ISO) in the world.

The old international standard of gear accuracy was published in 1995 [i.e. iso1328-1:1995 (E)]. The current national standard of gear accuracy (gb10095.1-2008) is equivalent to iso1328-1:1995 (E).

With the rapid development of material technology, information technology and manufacturing technology, many new technologies and achievements have emerged in the field of gear engineering in the past 20 years, and the relevant contents have been reflected in the new version. There are many revised contents in the new international standard of gear accuracy, the old one is only 31 pages, while the new one is 58 pages in iso1328-1:2013. The new international standard has more detailed regulations on the evaluation process of each deviation, and also adjusts the calculation formula of tolerance value of each accuracy level. This will have a significant impact on gear products and various gear equipment.

Gear accuracy standard is the basic standard of the mechanical industry, and also the core standard of the gear industry, so all countries attach great importance to the gear accuracy standard. After the international standard of gear accuracy iso1328-1:2013 was officially issued, the industrial developed countries started the adoption process of the new standard rapidly. According to the report of TC60 Germany meeting in November 2013, Britain and Italy have adopted new standards, and the United States, Japan, Germany and France have started the adoption process.

The promulgation of the new international standard of gear accuracy also needs to attract the attention of China’s gear industry, especially the gear export enterprises. Some famous foreign gear machine tool, instrument and tool manufacturers have been paying close attention to the formulation and promulgation of new gear accuracy standards. For example, in Germany, at the stage of international standard formulation, machine tool factories, instrument factories, tool factories and gear design software companies have participated in and followed up. As soon as the standard is released, relevant enterprises have launched instruments and equipment adopting the new standard or products adapting to the new standard. The promulgation of the new standard of gear accuracy will inevitably lead to the revision of a series of other relevant standards and changes in the market. We hope that our country can adopt the new standard in time, and that domestic enterprises can seize the opportunity of the revision of the international gear standard, follow up in time, actively plan, quickly change, and turn into a driving force to promote the strength of China’s gear industry.

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