Noncircular gear transmission

The primary task of solving non-circular gear transmission is to determine the pitch curve, which is mainly divided into three ways: giving the transmission ratio function and center distance; Given reproduction function and center distance; The pitch curve equation and center distance of driving wheel are given. Instead of the above traditional method, another new method is adopted – only the transmission ratio function of non-circular gears is given, and the center distance is not given. Using this way to design, it has greater scope and better universality.

The design process and method of non-circular gear mentioned in the existing articles are cumbersome and not rigorous. In addition, the design results are not convincing without verification of the designed non-circular gear. In order to solve these problems, a design method of non-circular gear is proposed in this paper. This method has the advantages of simple process, strong universality and high precision. The overall steps of the paper are as follows: combined with the known transmission ratio conditions, first use matlab to solve the center distance, pitch curve and meshing position of the non-circular gear, then use the envelope method to envelope to form the non-circular gear tooth profile, then generate the two-dimensional non-circular gear through the extraction of the tooth profile points, import the generated two-dimensional graphics into Pro / E, stretch it into a three-dimensional model, assemble the gear pair, and finally import the assembled graphics into Adams, Complete the dynamic analysis and obtain the angular velocity curve of the gear pair. At the same time, in order to the preciseness of the results, the non-circular gear pair is theoretically analyzed and compared with the kinematic simulation.

Aiming at the cumbersome design process of non-circular gear and the long extraction time of tooth profile feature points, a simple non-circular gear design method is proposed. A numerical example is analyzed to prove the correctness of the method. The results show that the angular velocity curve of the driven wheel is very close to the theoretical transmission ratio curve, which proves the correctness of the method. Therefore, as long as the transmission ratio function of the driving and driven wheels is given, even if the center distance is not given, the tooth profile of the non-circular gear can be calculated, which makes the design of the non-circular gear more universal and universal. Accurately solve the rotation center of non-circular gear wheel and verify its correctness, so as to make the solution more rigorous. Using MATLAB and Pro / E as tools to generate the three-dimensional model of non-circular gear is simpler and faster than drawing non-circular gear with traditional CAD software, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of design. Compared with other non-circular gear design methods, the method proposed in this paper is simpler, time-saving and reproducible.

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