Numerical simulation of precision forging of spiral bevel gear and analysis of stress field distribution

By analyzing the stress distribution in the forming process of spiral bevel gear forgings, we can fully understand the stress state of spiral bevel gear forgings during deformation, and further grasp the forming characteristics of spiral bevel gear forgings. As shown in the figure, the stress field distribution of the upper die under different reduction is shown.

a) reduction 20% b) reduction 50% c) reduction 80% d) reduction 100%

From the analysis of velocity field and strain field, it can be seen that in the early stage of forming spiral bevel gear forging, the deformation of blank metal mainly occurs in the tooth root. Due to the friction between the metal at the tooth root and the tooth top of tooth die, in the process of plastic flow, the pressure and friction force on the tooth top of tooth die are large, so the equal effect force value is large, and its value diffuses from large to small to the surrounding. In the later stage of forming, because the tooth top of spiral bevel gear forging gradually fills the tooth cavity and is affected by the tooth root of the tooth die, the equivalent stress value gradually increases. At the end of forming, the tooth root of the big end of spiral bevel gear forging is formed, and the equivalent stress reaches the maximum value of 295mpa. In the whole forming process, the distribution of stress field is relatively uniform, which shows that the stress on the blank is relatively uniform, so that the formed spiral bevel gear forging has a uniform internal structure.

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