Overview of the development of China’s gear industry

As the core mechanical basic component, gear is widely used in automobile, ship, aerospace, high-speed railway, energy equipment, intelligent manufacturing and other industries and fields. Its quality and performance determine the performance and reliability of equipment. China’s gear industry has become the largest industry in general mechanical basic parts.

According to the statistics of China gear Association, the sales scale of China’s gear industry has rapidly increased from 87.8 billion yuan in 2007 to about 230 billion yuan in 2016, ranking first in the world. Figure shows the sales of China’s gear industry from 2007 to 2016. Over the past 30 years, there have been three growth peaks in the development of China’s gear industry. The first growth cycle: focusing on the development of motorcycle gear market; The second growth cycle: focusing on the development of automobile gear market; The third growth cycle: focusing on the development of wind power and construction machinery gear market. China’s gear industry will usher in the fourth opportunity: under the opportunity provided by the national economic transformation and upgrading, independent innovation will become the main theme, a comprehensive breakthrough in key technologies and the improvement of product quality. With the support of talents, technology, management and industrial chain, the output value of the gear industry will exceed 300 billion in the future, China will eventually realize the transformation from a large gear manufacturing country to a powerful gear manufacturing country.

With the development of industrial modernization, the manufacturing quality of gears is required higher and higher. The machining accuracy of gears plays a key role in the performance of gears. Various errors of gears are formed in the process of machining, and gear errors are essentially machining errors. In order to improve the machining accuracy of gears, the machining process of gears must be analyzed. Gear hobbing is generally used as the first process of gear processing. There are many researches on hobbing machining simulation. At present, the main problems are: simplify the hobbing machining process in three-dimensional space to two-dimensional plane, so that there is a certain error between the obtained results and the actual situation; The three-dimensional simulation model is not accurate enough.

In view of the above situation, a new gear hobbing simulation method is proposed. “Research on digital simulation of cylindrical gear hobbing process” by analyzing the position and motion relationship between hob and machined gear, the three-dimensional spatial meshing simulation model of hob and cylindrical gear is established, and the simulated tooth profile of gear hobbing is obtained on this basis. The research of this subject is of great significance to improve the machining accuracy of gears and promote the digital manufacturing of gears.

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