Parameter adjustment of spiral bevel gear pinion machine tool

The machine tool adjustment of the variable method for machining the small wheel is shown in the figure, and the machine tool adjustment parameters can be determined by the following formula:

Let G be the distance from the vertex of the root cone of the wheel to the intersection:

Then the axial wheel position correction value.

Machine tool rolling ratio.

Make M.D. The installation distance for the wheel, that is, the distance from the design intersection of the wheel to the installation surface of the wheel. The machine tool adjustment parameters can be obtained as follows:

The rotation center of the small wheel is:

Initial position of cutter head axis:

ILet the initial time be t0 = 0, the speeds of the T cutter head axis along the Y0 and Z0 axes in the plane (o0-y0, Z0) at any time are V2 and V1 respectively, and the angular speed of the forming wheel is ω 01, the angular velocity of the small wheel is ω G1, then:

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