Parametric modeling and dynamic meshing analysis of low speed and heavy load gears

In the dynamic analysis of gear, the modeling process is very important. With the development of science and technology, there are more and more kinds of modeling software. The advantage of choosing SolidWorks to gear parametric modeling is that it can accurately draw the involute profile of the gear, more truly reflect the structure of the gear, and pave the way for better analysis of gear dynamic meshing stress in the future.

ANSYS software is used in the dynamic analysis of gear meshing, which can set the boundary conditions according to the actual working conditions, and more truly reflect the distribution of gear meshing stress. The model and analysis structure of this chapter lay the foundation for the analysis of the following chapters.

The gear is parameterized by SolidWorks, and then the assembly is imported into ANSYS Workbench for contact stress analysis. The results show that the instantaneous impact of the gear from the static state to the meshing transmission is very large, and the effective contact stress of the tooth surface reaches the maximum value in a very short time, which is about twice as much as that of the smooth transmission of the gear, causing great harm to the gear material; In the process of gear meshing, the contact stress is not uniform on the whole tooth surface of the pinion. There is stress concentration in the process of gear meshing, and the stress is mainly concentrated between the base circle and the root circle. Therefore, the tooth part between the base circle and the root circle is defined as the dangerous position of the gear, and the propagation law of the initial crack at the dangerous position is studied.

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