Physical experiment simulation of precision forging process of spiral bevel gear

Physical simulation is a method based on similarity theory and combined with experiment to study the essence and law of physical process. In order to facilitate the analysis and research, the method of reducing the proportion of formed parts is often used. Finally, the test results are extended to the actual forming process of spiral bevel gear. When the forming spiral bevel gear is small, the same size can be directly used for the test. However, in any case, similar guidelines must be observed. The research of metal plastic forming theory and numerical simulation is based on the experiment and should be tested by the experiment. Therefore, the research of metal plastic processing process must rely on the physical simulation method.

In order to reveal the actual flow of metal particles in precision forged driven spiral bevel gear and verify the correctness and rationality of numerical simulation, grid test is carried out.

Blank materialDie materialBlank temperature (℃)Friction coefficientUpper die speed (mm / s)

Closed die forging process is a traditional one-step process. Its forming process is simple and convenient for analysis and research. Because the whole die forging process takes a short time and the heat conduction between the blank and the die of spiral bevel gear is very small, in order to facilitate the finite element calculation, the temperature effect in the heat conduction and deformation between the blank and the die is ignored.

Before the precision forging of spiral bevel gear, the die (upper die and lower die) shall be preheated for about 20 minutes to 350 ℃, and the blank shall be heated to 1050 ℃ in the heating furnace. Then spray graphite lubricant on the upper and lower dies and heated blanks. (because graphite lubricant for forging has ideal high-temperature lubricity, adhesion, easy demoulding, stable chemical properties, no corrosion, no toxicity, can improve forming quality, significantly prolong die life and other significant functions. It is mainly used as an ideal high-temperature film removal lubricant in hot processing of black and non-ferrous metals, and is also widely used in spiral bevel gear forging, metal molding and other industries). Then adjust the stroke, press the switch button, the double disc friction press starts to work.

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