Precision forging of driven spiral bevel gear

Driven spiral bevel gear plays an important role in automobile rear axle reducer and is an important part of reducer. With the rapid development of automobile industry, the requirements for output, quality and cost of driven spiral bevel gear are higher and higher, so as to improve the product quality and processing efficiency of spiral bevel gear Reducing processing costs has become an urgent need for the development of the automotive industry. At present, gear manufacturers at home and abroad mostly use mechanical processing technology to produce spiral bevel gears, mostly the method of cutting the tooth shape after pre forging gear blank. This method has the problems of low processing efficiency, low material utilization and poor mechanical properties, and the lack of technology is becoming increasingly prominent.

Precision forging process is an advanced forming and manufacturing process at present. When applied to the forming and manufacturing of driven spiral bevel gear, it can not only save materials and man hours, but also effectively improve the microstructure and properties of parts. The precision forging spiral bevel gear can ensure the dimensional accuracy and quality, and can be put into use without or only a small amount of finish machining, which realizes the net forming or near net forming of spiral bevel gear machining. When precision forging spiral bevel gear, the blank is in the state of three-dimensional compressive stress, the plasticity of the material is significantly improved, and the streamline is continuously and evenly distributed along the tooth shape. It can also refine the grain of the material and reduce the defects of microstructure, so as to improve the strength and wear resistance of the gear and prolong the service life of the gear. The processing efficiency of precision forging process is much higher than that of traditional cutting, saving energy and materials, and significantly improving the production efficiency and material utilization. Therefore, the precision forging process of spiral bevel gear can realize the efficient, accurate and high-quality production of driven spiral bevel gear of automobile rear axle, It can fundamentally solve the shortcomings of the traditional processing technology of spiral bevel gears, and has important theoretical and engineering application value for promoting the technological progress of China’s auto parts industry and improving the performance of the whole vehicle.

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