Problems in application of precision forging technology for spur bevel gears

Although the precision forging technology for spur bevel gears has been relatively mature, there are still some defects in the specific die structure design, such as the blank is difficult to be accurately positioned in the die, the ejection mechanism is not considered in the design of the die, resulting in a large draft angle, which makes the forging turning allowance larger, and the steel utilization, production efficiency and die life lower, The superiority of precision die forging is not fully demonstrated. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop a new type of precision forging die for spur bevel gears with material saving, high efficiency and long service life.

Precision forging forming technology is a net shape or near net shape forming technology that can obtain forgings with complex shape, high precision, no allowance or near no allowance. It can improve the quality of forgings, reduce subsequent machining and reduce production costs. In recent years, it has been widely valued. With the rapid growth of automobile output and the intensification of competition among automobile parts enterprises, precision forging technology for spur bevel gear parts has outstanding competitive advantages in cost and performance compared with traditional machining. Improving the forming accuracy and shortening the technological process have become the main ways to further reduce the forming cost of precision forging of spur bevel gears. The tooth profile and cavity size of the die have a direct impact on the tooth profile accuracy of the final precision forging spur bevel gear. It is of great theoretical significance and application value to study the precise design method of the die cavity of the precision forging spur bevel gear, improve the design level of the forming die of the spur bevel gear, promote the development of the precision forging technology of the spur bevel gear and further give play to its technological advantages.