Problems in design and manufacture of FH hypoid gear

The tooth surface of hypoid gear is more complex, and it is sensitive to the changes of tool and cutter head parameters and machine tool setting parameters, so it is necessary to study the error sensitivity of tooth surface error and processing parameters. Previous studies have assumed that the influence of the change of machining parameters on the tooth surface error is linear, and the sensitivity of the tooth surface error at different positions to each processing parameter is approximately obtained. Although this simplification makes the solution easier, it leads to its low accuracy. There are also some studies on the sensitivity of tooth surface installation error by using second-order parabola, but this research is not applied to the tooth surface processing parameters Sensitivity analysis of area error.

Tooth surface design includes passive design and active design. The first design idea is through optimization

Because the number of mesh points on the tooth surface is much larger than the number of machining parameters, this method is finally reduced to the least square optimization problem, which is difficult to solve and not easy to converge. The second is obtained by the sensitivity matrix. In the past literature, the influence of machining parameters on the tooth surface error is assumed to be linear. This simplification makes the method easy to solve, but the accuracy is not high.

To sum up, there are still some problems in the design and manufacture of hypoid gears

(1) In the tooth contact analysis, the calculation process can not be simplified, and the final contact impression can not accurately reflect the real contact status of the tooth surface.

(2) In the sensitivity analysis of tooth surface error, it is considered that the influence of tooth surface machining parameters on tooth surface is linear, or the optimization algorithm is used to solve the problem. The former has high calculation efficiency, but the reverse calculation error of tooth surface is large, and the latter has high calculation accuracy, but it is not easy to converge.

In order to solve the above problems, this paper puts forward the design and implementation method of high-performance drive axle FH hypoid gear pair tooth surface ease-off Design (ease off: the tooth surface mismatch between the theoretical tooth surface of the small wheel and the fully conjugate tooth surface of the matched large gear at the corresponding point) and the reverse calculation of the machining parameters of the target tooth surface, etc., this method is still universal when applied to other complex curved surface gears.