Problems of spiral bevel gears in China

At present, the research on the design theory of spiral bevel gears at home and abroad mainly focuses on the active design of wheel blank parameters and machining parameters, the strength characteristics of gear pairs and the dynamic analysis of gear pairs, and the manufacturing mainly focuses on the numerical control research and motion control theory of spiral bevel gear machining machine tools.

In terms of design theory in China, there is insufficient research on the high-order motion errors of spiral bevel gears, which makes it difficult to control the meshing characteristics through gear active design. There is no standard software system for real tooth surface reconstruction and contact analysis (RTCA). In terms of manufacturing technology, the free form motion control principle and the digital machining machine tool with high machining accuracy based on this theory need to be broken through; Clean and environment-friendly processing technologies such as dry cutting technology and precision forming technology of wheel blank need further research and promotion; With the higher and higher requirements of modern engineering, the key technologies for the design and machining of spiral bevel gears with extreme specifications (minimum size and maximum size) and the web-based integrated manufacturing system and its software platform need to be studied. In terms of dynamics, the research on the nonlinear dynamic characteristics of spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears in China started very late, and is not in-depth.

In foreign countries, due to the use of numerical control machine tools and advanced measurement technology, the machining accuracy of spiral bevel gears has reached the level of unmatched installation, while China still mainly uses traditional mechanical machine tools, which not only makes it difficult to improve the cutting accuracy qualitatively, but also consumes a lot of energy; In addition, high-precision gears need heat treatment before gear grinding. The level of heat treatment process of tooth surface in China is limited, resulting in large tooth surface deformation after heat treatment, which has a great impact on the accuracy and service life of gear pairs.