Prospect of casting forging compound forming process for spiral bevel gear

Because the composite casting and forging process used to produce automobile rear axle spiral bevel gear has not been applied to the actual production, the numerical simulation of casting and forging is based on the ideal environment and simplified simulation parameters. The composite process and simulation results are only used as theoretical reference, not as processing and production guidance. I hope to get the teacher’s criticism and correction. Further research can be carried out from the following aspects:

  1. Complete the microstructure simulation of the whole process of casting forging composite process by using the general-purpose finite element analysis software to verify the grain refinement effect of local metal structure of gear from as cast to as forged;
  2. In the selection of composite process, other casting processes (such as EPC) and other forging processes (such as swing ring rolling) can be used to explore whether the forming quality of spiral bevel gear can be further improved while reducing processes;
  3. When the casting forging compound forming process is mature, set up the experimental equipment to trial produce the spiral bevel gear and observe the microstructure of the gear, and use the experiment to verify the superiority of the casting forging compound process to produce the spiral bevel gear.
  4. optimize and improve the material of spiral bevel gear to make it more in line with the forming process requirements of casting and forging on the premise of meeting the service performance.
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