Prospect of gear fault diagnosis technology

In the past ten years, with the continuous efforts of researchers, fault diagnosis technology in China has developed rapidly, and new technologies and methods emerge in endlessly. The development trend of gear fault diagnosis technology in the future is prospected. There are several opinions as follows:

(1) The traditional spectrum analysis technology will be improved day by day.

(2) Expert system, neural network, wavelet analysis and other new technologies will gradually move from laboratory research stage to practical application stage.

(3) At present, gear fault diagnosis technology mainly focuses on vibration monitoring. It can be predicted that in the next few years, ferrography technology, oil sample spectrum technology and acoustic emission technology will occupy a place in gear fault diagnosis.

(4) With the combination of virtual reality of modern comprehensive computer graphics technology, computer simulation technology, sensor technology, display technology and many other scientific technologies of enterprise management and international Internet, local area network, modem of modern communication technology, remote diagnosis will be the development direction of mechanical fault diagnosis in the future.

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