Research on CAD/CAM integration of spur bevel gear

ZhangHongBin, Shandong University, in view of the reality of the precision forging gear industry today, summarized the general processes commonly used by predecessors in the hot precision forging die CAD of spur bevel gears, developed a CAD system for the hot precision forging die of spur bevel gears based on UG software, studied the CAE technology for the forming of spur bevel gears, and expounded the important technologies for the numerical simulation and analysis of the forging process of spur bevel gears, As an example, the CAD/CAE integration technology of precision forging die for spur bevel gear is studied; Taking the planetary gear as the research object, taking the CAD/CAE-integration of the hot precision forging die for spur bevel gear as the criterion, the numerical simulation analysis of spur bevel gear is carried out by using DEFORM-3D software. The method is introduced and summarized from the aspects of establishing the numerical calculation model, setting the numerical simulation parameters, analyzing the numerical simulation results and the gear filling formability.

Xuexingtao of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics analyzed the mathematical model of spur bevel gear, established the parametric models of involute spur bevel gear and circular drawn spur bevel gear respectively, and realized the NC machining and programming of tooth profile surface on this basis. Taking UG as the development platform and using visual c++ development tool, the CAD/CAM software of spur bevel gear die electrode is developed. By inputting the corresponding parameters into the software, the standard involute spur bevel gear die electrodes and circular drawing spur bevel gear die electrodes can be automatically generated. Given the processing parameters, the corresponding NC iron cutting tool path can be generated. Finally, an example is given to prove the rationality and feasibility of this research work.

In the aspects of die materials, die heat treatment technology, die surface treatment technology, die CAD/CAM/CAE integration technology, die stacking and renovation technology, cooling and lubrication technology, Wu Shunda comprehensively analyzed the die use and lubrication status in China’s forging industry, put forward the problems in the development of China’s forging dies and lubrication technology, and put forward the improvement direction.