Research on design and application of automobile gear hob

Combined with the actual needs of gear hobbing tools in automobile gear production line, select the problems often encountered in the design and application of hobs and spline hobs commonly used in mass production. Based on production practice, and through repeated test verification and data accumulation, improve and innovate the gear hob design method, based on improving tool utilization and ensuring product quality, Improve production efficiency and reduce costs. The problems in the use of gear hobs, such as ordering, design, use and grinding, are standardized and standardized. The main research work includes:

1) Based on the actual problems of automobile gear production line, through the analysis and data summary of gear hobbing tools, this paper summarizes the characteristics of seven elements of gear hobbing tool design, namely (1) tool size; (2) Driving mode; (3) Spiral groove; (4) Number of heads; (5) Tooth profile requirements; (6) Accuracy grade; (7) Materials. At the same time, gear hobs are classified and discussed according to different Accuracy grades and types of gear parts. Gear hobs with different Accuracy grades are adopted for different process design schemes of parts; Different gear parts are required to be processed with different gear hob styles. Among them, the clearance and undercutting treatment of parts, and the forms of convex corners and tentacles are discussed;

2) The inspection of gear hobbing tools is also discussed, and the single inspection methods include: ring gear diameter jump, circumferential pitch accumulation, total accumulated error, tooth profile error and tooth direction error. It is suggested that the comprehensive error inspection method of gear parts should be used to judge whether the gear parts are qualified or not;

3) Finally, the key problems in the use of gear hobs are also discussed. The first is the installation, calibration and tooth alignment of gear hob, and the second is the selection and determination of tool shifting method and tool shifting amount.

In the process of research, he took the initiative to go deep into the production site, took the actual problems in the site as the research object, transformed the pure theory of gear hob design and applied it into the production site. Most processes and conclusions have been verified in the production process and achieved good results. For example, after the hob of an export product is improved by using the method in this paper, The tool cost of single hobbing process is reduced by more than 35%, and the tool life is increased by 60%. At the same time, with the opportunity of this graduation project, this paper combs and summarizes the problems encountered in the previous work on gear hobs, and deeply realizes the importance of in-depth production practice in the technical field, especially to transform theoretical research into productivity, which can create significant economic and social benefits. In the practice of paper design, it also exercises and improves their consciousness of discovering problems, improving and innovating in practice.

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