Research on fatigue damage of low speed and heavy load gears by Chinese scholars

Wu Zhenpeng and others took the helical gear as the research object, modeled the helical gear, simulated the crack propagation path in the three-dimensional state by using ABAQUS software, created the healthy gear model and the gear model with different depth cracks, analyzed the influence of the crack on the gear meshing stiffness at different depth, and made the vibration test bench, The vibration signals of healthy gear and gear with crack are analyzed, and the frequency domain characteristics of different crack lengths are obtained.

Liu Xinbo and others took the involute cylindrical gear with initial crack at the root as the research object, and studied the fatigue crack propagation characteristics and life of the tooth root. Through the application of linear elastic fracture mechanics, the crack propagation can be linearly equivalent, and the fatigue propagation path of the tooth root crack can be obtained through calculation, which is verified by the fatigue bending test machine, The results show that the error between the experimental and simulation results is small and within the scope of trust.

Wan Guoxin et al. Established several spur gears with different fillet radii to study the effect of fillet radius on root crack growth. The results show that the trend of root crack growth does not change with the fillet radius. When the initial crack length is the same, the root crack growth rate decreases with the fillet radius increasing, The corresponding gear fatigue life will be longer.

The research on fatigue and damage of ordinary gears is becoming mature in China and abroad, but the research on low-speed and heavy-duty gears is less and the progress is slow. Compared with ordinary gears, low-speed and heavy-duty gears have more special applications and more important production status. However, there are few studies on its life and damage, and there are few related research results and literatures. In order to effectively predict the fatigue life and damage of low-speed and heavy-duty gears. This paper will study the fatigue damage and fatigue life of low-speed and heavy-duty gears from the aspects of experiment and numerical simulation. It is hoped that the analysis results will have a certain reference value for the design and use of low-speed and heavy-duty gears.