Research on forming grinding and grinding wheel dressing technology of spiral gear

The application of gear transmission has a long history and is one of the important forms of mechanical transmission. It has been widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, science and technology and national economy.

In order to achieve the purpose of precision grinding of spiral gear, based on the principle of gear engagement, through the analysis and calculation of the principle and property of involute spiral surface machining, the NC dressing program of the shaped grinding wheel for spiral gear grinding is compiled, on this basis, a practical and simple dressing software of grinding wheel for involute spiral gear is designed and developed. It mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) The mathematical model of grinding involute spiral gear is established by using the theory of space geometry, mechanical principle and gear meshing principle.

(2) According to the tooth surface equation, the normal equation and the contact condition formula between the spiral surface of gear and the turning surface of sand wheel, the contact line equation is derived. Using MATLAB numerical calculation method to solve the contact line equation, through the solution of the contact line and spatial coordinate transformation, the theoretical calculation of the wheel profile data can be obtained, the characteristics of the wheel profile data and contact line are analyzed, and the three-dimensional model of the wheel is established.

(3) According to the theoretical calculation of the axial profile of the grinding wheel, the dressing scheme of the grinding wheel is designed, and the dressing process parameters are analyzed.

(4) According to the route scheme of grinding wheel dressing, the NC program of grinding wheel dressing is compiled, and the parameters needed in programming are set. According to the profile data of the grinding wheel and the program, the grinding test of the spiral gear is carried out.

(5) According to the above content, using Matlab GUI development environment to design a special software for grinding wheel dressing, and make the program generated by the software can also be used without matlab environment.

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