Research on rack and pinion of automobile steering gear

As the key part to change the driving direction and keep the vehicle running in a stable straight line, the performance of automobile steering gear is directly related to the safety of people and property. During the use of the rack and pinion steering gear, it is required that there is no obvious wear and defect on the gear surface, otherwise it should be replaced. Therefore, the design of steering gear rack and pinion mechanism is very important.

In the increasingly competitive automotive industry, it is necessary to design rack and pinion steering gear quickly to meet customer requirements. The mechanism design based on CAD / CAE software shows great advantages. UG software has precise three-dimensional modeling function; Adams has powerful kinematics and dynamics solver, while ANSYS software can effectively analyze the stress and strain of the mechanism. In this paper, the virtual prototype model of the steering system is established by using ADAMS software, and its kinematics and dynamics simulation are carried out to verify the rationality of the prototype modeling, and the force situation of the gear rack tooth surface in the steering process is obtained. At the same time, the precise three-dimensional solid modeling of gear and rack in UG is introduced into ANSYS, and the stress, strain and fatigue life of gear and rack are analyzed by using the boundary conditions of Adams stress analysis.

Gear and rack are important parts of automobile steering gear. In this paper, Adams, UG and ANSYS software are used to build a joint simulation analysis platform to realize the simulation analysis of the automobile rack and pinion steering gear. Using ADAMS and ANSYS software as design analysis tools can effectively improve the design efficiency of the steering gear compared with the traditional analysis methods, and according to the simulation results, the optimization scheme of the structural design of the steering gear can be put forward; at the same time, the dynamic simulation analysis of the UG motion module is more convenient for the verification and inspection of the design results, which can improve the accuracy of the design.

On the basis of accurate modeling, the bending stress, contact stress and fatigue life of the tooth root are calculated and analyzed by using the finite element method, which provides reference for the dynamic design, optimization design and reliability design of the automobile steering gear structure.