Research on the measuring instrument of single face gear engagement

The face gear transmission is a kind of transmission in which the cylindrical gear and the face gear mesh, which can realize the vertical or non vertical, intersecting or staggered movement of the two gear shafts; it has the advantages of relatively simple processing, convenient installation, large bearing, small vibration, low noise, easy to realize the lightweight of the device, etc, It has a broad application prospect in the fields of aerospace, precision transmission, etc., which have strict space restrictions and high requirements for transmission accuracy.

At present, there are two ways to measure face gear: one is geometric error measurement. In the gear measuring center or CMM, with the help of special measuring software, the pitch deviation and three-dimensional extension and compensation error of face gear are detected. The second is contact spot detection. On the rolling tester, the contact status of the gear pair is analyzed by checking the contact spots of the gear pair, and then the causes of the defects are analyzed.

Measuring the transmission error of the gear to evaluate the transmission performance of the gear is a common method of gear measurement. This method can effectively measure the comprehensive error of the gear, and separate the single error such as pitch deviation from it. Transmission error reflects the comprehensive function of each single error of gear, and it is an important index to measure the transmission accuracy of gear. So far, many kinds of single-sided meshing measuring instruments for measuring gear transmission error have been developed at home and abroad, such as T60 of klinglnberg in Germany, 600htt of Gleason in the United States and CS500 of Chengdu Tool Research Institute, etc., but up to now, the mature products are mainly for cylindrical gear and bevel gear, while the instruments for measuring gear transmission error are still blank. In order to meet the measurement requirements of face gear, a single side meshing measuring instrument for face gear is developed.

Based on the principle of gear single side meshing measurement, the precise dense ball shafting, grating measurement system and servo drive system are adopted to solve the problem of gear clamping, positioning and adjustment. The measurement accuracy is improved by the method of clock pulse subdivision counting, and the surface gear transmission error measuring instrument is developed.

The instrument can measure the comprehensive error, pitch deviation and geometric eccentricity of face gear, and has the function of gear error analysis, which can meet the detection requirements of level 5 precision face gear. The functions of the instrument are verified by experiments.

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