Research on vibration and noise of transmission gears abroad

Recently, with the improvement of research level and the progress of transmission vibration and noise research related technology, foreign scholars and researchers have more and more in-depth research on transmission vibration and noise. In order to improve the effect of noise reduction, Mehmet first modeled the gear transmission system in the transmission, and used the torsional vibration model to improve the geometric parameters of the transmission, and obtained the ideal noise target. Sobecki et al. Analyzed and studied the gear system in the transmission. Taking the optimization of the acoustic quality of the gear mechanism as the evaluation standard, the gear noise source in the transmission was studied by combining experimental test with subjective evaluation, and achieved good results. E. Through research, tomeh et al. Verified that improving the manufacturing accuracy of transmission gears, improving transmission equipment mechanism and adjusting gear processing methods are conducive to improving transmission noise.

It is proved that this method can reduce the error of cylindrical gear with the method of gear profile modification The vibration of the gear system. Mehmet Bozca calculates the transmission error by establishing the vibration model and spatial model of the gear system, and then obtains the calculation results of vibration and noise through the empirical model. Combined with the transmission error and vibration noise, the final result is that the transmission error is taken as the objective function, and the stress and gear parameters are constrained. Through the optimization of the gear parameters, the transmission error, gear stress and tooth are reduced The optimization purpose of wheel noise.

On the basis of a large number of research work on gear transmission system, foreign research on vibration and noise of other transmission structures has also made a lot of achievements. Todd E. rook et al. Analyzed the transmission noise between transmission case and gear transmission system. The analysis shows that the bearing in transmission is important for transmission noise transmission. S. Le Moyne et al. Verified that the use of stiffeners has a positive effect on the vibration and noise suppression of the transmission by using the optimization method of stiffeners. Jung-Sun Choi After that, the sound power is calculated indirectly through the surface vibration velocity. Finally, the wall thickness of the transmission case is improved. This method has a very beneficial effect on the optimization of the transmission box noise. When kanase et al. Studied the problem of gear squeal in transmission noise, in addition to theoretical analysis, the accuracy of the simulation model was proved by experiments. In addition, the influence of bearing preload and transmission input torque on gear squeal noise in transmission was also studied.

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