Research on wear test method of low speed and heavy load gear

The tests were carried out on the modified CL-100 gear testing machine. The schematic diagram of the testing machine is shown in Figure 1. The motor of the testing machine before modification has only two-stage speed of 1000 / 3000 R / min, which can not be used for low-speed speed speed regulation test. The modified testing machine adopts jzt51-4 AC speed regulating motor, which can carry out stepless speed regulation in the range of 120-1200r / min. when the motor speed (i.e. big gear speed) is 150r / min (equivalent to the circumferential speed v = 0.85m/s), the modified testing machine can still operate stably, and the obtained data has good repeatability and high reliability.

The wear of gears was measured by precise weighing. The test gear is installed according to the requirements of FZG Standard Test Specification for circumferential speed. The test gear pair first runs at 50000 RPM under three-stage load and 400 R / min motor speed. After running in, the gear pair is carefully cleaned with alcohol cotton and put into the drying oven for 4 hours. The temperature in the oven is 40 ± 1 ° C. After drying, use a precision balance with an accuracy of ± 1mg to weigh the total weight of the big and small gears, and carefully observe the meshing tooth surface, without any abnormal damage and abnormal wear marks.

During the test, the load is fixed at a certain load level, and the motor speed (i.e. the speed of the big gear) is changed to measure the total wear of the big gear and the small gear when the big gear runs at 5000 rpm at different speeds. Before each weighing, wipe and dry according to the above method.