Research progress of heat treatment process of Automobile Gears

Gear is an important part of automobile transmission system. It plays the role of transmitting power and changing speed and direction in the transmission system. Due to the complex working conditions of automobile gears, gears are required to have both excellent wear resistance and high resistance to contact fatigue and bending fatigue in the production of automobile industry. At present, there is still a certain gap between the quality of automobile gears in China and similar products in developed countries, mainly manifested in short average service life, high energy consumption per unit product and low productivity. In order to improve the quality of automobile gears, in addition to proper material selection, the heat treatment process must be optimized. Through the introduction, absorption and independent innovation of new processes and equipment, the heat treatment process of automobile gears can be developed in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence, that is, strive to realize low-pressure vacuum carburizing, rare earth catalytic carburizing, dual frequency induction heating and quenching Application of new processes such as laser quenching and new equipment such as vacuum furnace.

As we all know, the quality of gear largely depends on the gear material and its heat treatment process. Heat treatment is a key process in the process of gear quality control. Many important characteristics of gear should be realized through heat treatment. The quality of heat treatment directly affects the service life of gear. In order to meet the requirements of gear quality and catch up with the international advanced level of heat treatment, it is very necessary to further and comprehensively carry out the research on automobile gear heat treatment process.

At present, China has been able to produce all kinds of automotive gears with high parameters, which is mainly due to the significant improvement of relevant automotive gear heat treatment process. By introducing a large number of advanced manufacturing equipment and advanced technology, such as sealed box multipurpose furnace, rotary hearth furnace, vacuum annealing furnace and continuous carburizing production line from the United States, the technical level of carburizing heat treatment process in China has been significantly improved. Moreover, after many years of absorption and improvement of a series of advanced processes, such as vacuum carburizing with energy saving effect can effectively reduce the quenching process such as spray quenching, positive pressure quenching, polymer quenching, etc., with less pollution such as plasma carburizing, low pressure carburizing, high pressure gas quenching, laser transformation strengthening, vacuum cleaning, and so on. The processing level of domestic automobile gear heat treatment process has been improved. Moreover, with the engineering application of some new heat treatment processes, such as vacuum carburizing and gas quenching, rare earth carburizing, rare earth nitriding, Rare Earth Multi-element co carburizing and oxynitriding surface strengthening treatment, it will also greatly promote the progress of gear manufacturing process in China and gradually narrow the gap with the advanced level of heat treatment of automobile gears abroad. It is believed that with the continuous development of gear manufacturing technology, it will further promote the development of automotive gear heat treatment process in China.

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