Research status of design and manufacture of large size and high precision spiral bevel gears at China and abroad

Spiral bevel gear is a key part in the field of mechanical transmission to transfer motion or power between intersecting or intersecting shafts. In the process of transmission, the whistling of teeth gradually transits from one end to the other. Compared with straight bevel gear and helical bevel gear, spiral bevel gear has many good performances, such as large overlapping coefficient, high bearing capacity, stable transmission, low noise, etc. Because of the above advantages, spiral bevel gear is widely used in various mechanical products such as railway locomotive and ship, automobile, tractor, large conveyor, roadheader, loader and so on, which greatly improves the reliability and service life of these products, and obtains good economic benefits.

Large size spiral bevel gear refers to the spiral bevel gear whose diameter is greater than 800mm. High precision refers to the gear whose precision of the final product gear should reach above grade. It is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum and other industries.

There are two kinds of tooth systems for large-scale spiral bevel gears. One is circular arc bevel gear whose tooth line is circular arc. The entire tooth slot shrinks along the rectangular tooth height or is equal in height, which is called Gleason tooth system. Gleason bevel gears can be grinded after being heated. The other is the cycloid quasi involute bevel gear whose tooth line is extended epicycloid. The tooth height of the tooth slot along the tooth rectangle is equal, which is called Klingeinberg gear system. The bevel gear of Klingeinberg gear system can scrape teeth after being heated (the final precision of both methods can reach above grade.

Before the reform and development in China, the demand for large-scale spiral bevel gear was not very strong, mainly because the oil rig used about 1.5m bevel gear. In order to meet this demand, Shanghai No.1 Machine Tool Plant has produced more than 10 1.6m mechanical tooth machines in the 1970s. After the reform and development, with the rapid development of China’s economy, the production lines of mining, metallurgy and other industries are becoming larger and larger, which has given birth to the large-scale reducer Market in China. The high-precision large-scale spiral bevel gear is the core component of many large-scale reducer. At that time, Klingeinberg company in Germany was not willing to sell the large-scale toothing machine to China. Many enterprises are looking for suppliers of large size and high precision spiral bevel gears. Almost all over America, Europe and Japan, many products have been used, not only the price is expensive, but also the delivery cycle is very long, unable to meet the needs of China’s rapid economic development. Many factories find universities and hope to develop their own large-scale and high-precision spiral bevel gears. Since 2006, China’s technical team has been committed to the research and development of large-scale and high-precision spiral bevel gear CNC machine tools, and has successively developed 1000 series of gear machine, gear grinding machine, inspection machine unit and 2000 series of gear machine, gear grinding machine, inspection machine unit, which are formed in the gear company At present, the most advanced large-scale and high-precision spiral bevel gear production line in China. The design and machining of high-precision spiral bevel gears in China have been stepped up to a large step.

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