Research status of forming technology of spiral bevel gear blank rolling ring

Taking the automobile rear axle driven spiral bevel gear blank processed by ZHY gear as the research object, its original product diagram is shown in Figure 1. Through the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the existing forming process, the optimal process scheme, namely ring rolling forming process, is finally determined. At the same time, based on the one-piece ring rolling process, this paper puts forward the two-piece ring rolling process, that is, the ring rolling can form two gear blanks at one time, which will improve the production efficiency of the original ring rolling process and save the cost.

Based on the basic theory of ring rolling technology and combined with numerical simulation technology, the forming process is optimized and good gear blank is obtained. The general forming process of the driven spiral bevel gear blank of the rear axle of the automobile is shown in Figure 2. The specific optimization process is as follows: firstly, conduct in-depth analysis of the formed forging, understand the specific size, process parameters, mechanical properties and other conditions of the formed part, calculate the blank size and design the forming die according to the ring rolling process according to the part requirements, and establish a three-dimensional model of the designed die and blank in CATIA, Then import DEFORM-3D software to establish the numerical simulation model. Through setting the relevant parameters of the numerical simulation process of ring blank forming of different sizes, enter the finite element simulation stage. Finally, observe the simulation process and analysis results to achieve process optimization.

1、 By comparing various process methods of forming gear blank, the forming process scheme of automobile rear axle driven spiral bevel gear blank suitable for this subject is discussed.

2、 The blank size, forming die and equipment selection of closed die forging and single and two-piece ring rolling process are theoretically calculated respectively. Through the comparative analysis of material utilization, equipment selection and cost investment of forming single piece spiral bevel gear blank, the optimal process scheme of forming spiral bevel gear blank is discussed.

3、 Three groups of ring blanks with different sizes are selected for ring rolling numerical simulation. Through the comparative analysis of stress-strain distribution, forming size and defects, the forming process of driven spiral bevel gear blank is optimized.

4、 Based on the one-piece ring rolling process, the two-piece ring rolling process is numerically simulated and analyzed, and the forming of driven spiral bevel gear blank is analyzed and explained.

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