Research status of forming technology of spiral gear blank

In the 1970s, China just began to study the spiral gear blank. The early manufacturing processes were forging forming processes (open die forging and closed die forging). With the deepening of research, the production of spiral gear blank by ring rolling process has gradually developed. Compared with the early open and closed die forging, the ring rolling forming process has the advantages of small production equipment, high material utilization and low production cost, and is used by many manufacturers. Therefore, the research on the forming process of spiral gear blank has very important practical significance.

So far, China has made in-depth research on the forming process of spiral gear blank. Zhu Mingming studied the influence of open die forging flash groove on the forming process of spiral gear blank by using the orthogonal test method. Through the finite element numerical simulation method, the effects of ordinary flash groove and wedge flash groove on the deformation stress and metal filling in the forging forming are compared and analyzed respectively. Finally, it is concluded that the wedge flash groove has less deformation force and better metal flow filling compared with ordinary flash groove.

Luo Qinglan studied three processes of ring forging on hot die forging press, die forging on 10t die forging hammer or 250kj impact hammer and reaming and rolling forming, and analyzed and compared them respectively from the aspects of forging size, material utilization, plant and unit area, mold, unit production capacity, labor volume, fuel power consumption and production cost. Finally, it is concluded that the forgings produced by reaming and rolling process have good product quality and low consumption It has the advantages of no pollution, low production cost and good economic benefits.

Tian Fuxiang and others have studied the new precision forging process of spiral gear blank. They believe that the inner hole of the forging processed by the original die forging method will produce longitudinal flash, which is not conducive to turning and wastes materials. By using the new combined structure of floating die and floating die core to form spiral gear blank, it is finally concluded that the forging processed by this forming process has no flash and the material quality is reduced by 5.5%, So as to reduce the cost.

Cheng mengbiao studied the forming process of the driven helical gear blank and improved and optimized it. A sizing die with an inclination of 45 ° between the upper and lower dies was used to calibrate the blank after punching, so as to prepare for the subsequent ring rolling to form a better ring. Then the ring after ring rolling was shaped by semi closed double cone roll swing rolling. The results showed that the upper surface of the helical gear blank processed by this process had no flash or very small flash, High quality accuracy.

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