Research status of rolling bearing failure mechanism in China

Domestic scholars have also carried out a lot of research on the fault mechanism of rolling bearing. Cao Chongfeng and others have established the system vibration model of rolling bearing with local fault in outer raceway by using the knowledge of kinematics and dynamics. The model comprehensively considers the influence of bearing geometric parameters, load distribution, radial clearance and fault location on the system vibration characteristics The model is verified by simulation technology. Taking deep groove ball bearing as the research object, Zhang Genyuan et al. Established a dynamic model of rolling bearing considering single point defect. The impact phenomenon of rolling element and outer raceway was analyzed by using ADAMS software.

According to the mechanism of bearing failure, Zhang Jianjun et al. Established a plane dynamic analysis model. The model fully considered the influence of relative sliding of rolling element and raceway and bearing clearance on the vibration characteristics of the system, and analyzed the vibration response of different fault bearings. Based on the Lagrange equation, the nonlinear dynamic analysis model of rotor bearing pedestal system was established by Guan Zhenzhen et al. Considering the bearing clearance, nonlinear contact force between rolling element and raceway, the vibration characteristics of rolling bearing with local fault were studied. Based on Hertz contact theory, Zhu Yongsheng et al. Established a new 6-DOF system dynamic model, analyzed and studied the vibration response of the model, verified the simulation results of the model through experiments, and used Lempel Ziv complexity to describe the complexity of bearing defect signal. Based on the analysis of bearing load distribution and the number of bearing rolling elements, according to the structural parameters of rolling bearing, the nonlinear dynamic fault analysis model of rolling bearing under different forces was established, and the vibration response of rolling bearing with scratch defect in inner raceway was analysis.

Cui Lingli et al. Established the dynamic model of nonlinear vibration of rolling bearing, analyzed the vibration response signals of rolling bearing with different fault sizes by analytical method, and quantitatively analyzed the bearing fault situation according to the double fault impact time interval of the response signal. In addition, the fault degree range of the outer ring of the rolling bearing was also established. Based on the theory of multi-body dynamics, Xu Lixin and Yang Yuhu proposed a mechanism dynamics analysis method considering the influence of bearing defects. The influence of bearing raceway fault characteristics on the dynamic response characteristics of high-speed mechanism was revealed. The method is also effective for rolling bearings with different raceways. Kang Jianxiong takes the rolling bearing with crack as the research object, establishes the dynamic model of local defect displacement excitation of rolling bearing, considers the influence of Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication on the vibration response of rolling bearing, and studies the influence of different defect size, different rotating speed and the change of external load on the vibration response of rolling bearing. Wang Kai took deep groove ball bearing as the research object, aiming at the vibration mechanism of rolling bearing under radial load under composite fault excitation, based on Hertz contact theory, established a 4-D model considering various factors The dynamic analysis model of deep groove ball bearing with compound faults of degree of freedom is studied. The influence of single point and multi-point fault of rolling bearing on vibration characteristics of system dynamic model under different working conditions is studied.

From the above research, we can find that there are a lot of research results on the vibration characteristics of rolling bearing fault, these studies mainly study the impact of bearing single point fault or multiple fault coupling on the vibration response of bearing system dynamic model. Rolling bearing is the key component of gear transmission system. The research results of these bearing faults provide a theoretical basis for gearbox fault identification and diagnosis.

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