Reverse engineering of end face spiral gear

With its special tooth shape, end face spiral gear has the advantages of high centering accuracy and strong bearing capacity. It is widely used in many fields such as industry, military and so on. Although the research on the theory, manufacturing and processing technology of end face spiral gear is becoming more and more mature, it is still very difficult to map and even reverse model the actual object of end face spiral gear in the absence of end face spiral gear parameters. This paper introduces a more accurate reverse modeling method of end face spiral gear by using reverse engineering technology.

End face spiral gear is a kind of end face gear. Its main function is to be used on the coupling to transmit speed and torque. Compared with the traditional end face spiral gear coupling, it has the characteristics of automatic centering and uniform load. Similarly, compared with the traditional end face spiral gear coupling, it has higher requirements for the accuracy of processing equipment and higher manufacturing cost.

Reverse modeling principle and common software. In the conventional forward design process, designers often need to use the existing interface parameters and finally design products through their own engineering knowledge. Reverse engineering is just the opposite. Reverse engineering is a process of scanning or measuring the existing products through the existing hardware, and then using the software to finally restore the products.

At present, the relevant software used in reverse engineering is also widely used in many fields, including Imageware of EDS company in the United States, CopyCAD of Delcam company in the United Kingdom, rapidform of inus company in South Korea and Geomagic studio of raindrop company in the United States. Geomagic designx, which uses reverse engineering software, can seamlessly connect with the common three-dimensional software in the market. At the same time, its point cloud processing and forward modeling capabilities are relatively perfect. It is a relatively simple and powerful reverse modeling software.

In the process of reverse modeling through Geomagic designx, the difficulties mainly lie in the establishment of coordinate system and the correction of gear tooth model. Many people often insist on completely restoring the physical size of the measured object in reverse modeling, but the greatest significance of reverse engineering is to restore the design idea of a product through the modeling of a product, which most reflects the original design intention of the designer in the model. The research method adopted in this paper has great practical value for the repair of end face spiral gear and the inspection of finished products without the original design drawings.

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