Rolling forming technology of spur gear

With the rapid development of China’s aerospace, engineering machinery and truck industries, spur gear is an indispensable part of heavy-duty mechanical transmission system, and the market demand is huge. All countries in the world are actively carrying out the research on the precision plastic forming process of spur gears, and most of them are still in the stage of theoretical research and laboratory physical simulation. At present, only a few manufacturing powers such as Japan and Germany can mass produce spur gears with small diameter and modulus.

The cold extrusion forming technology of spur gear is very difficult. There are many technical factors affecting its application in industrial mass production, such as the formulation of forming process scheme, the guiding accuracy of equipment, the design and manufacturing level of die, material softening and lubrication treatment.

At present, the mass production of spur gear in China is still based on cutting, which can not meet the requirements of efficient production of spur gear parts with low cost and high performance.

The purpose and significance of the research is to develop a set of efficient and practical cold extrusion precision plastic forming process of spur gear on the basis of independent innovation, complete the corresponding die design, manufacturing and assembly, master the key core technology of spur gear cold extrusion, establish a cold extrusion production demonstration line in China and realize large-scale production. At the same time, the technology is popularized and applied to the mass production of a variety of common straight cylindrical gears for automobiles and motorcycles, so as to improve the level of cold extrusion technology of straight cylindrical gears in China and promote the rapid development of straight cylindrical gear industry.

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