Rotary forging process

Rotary forging has the following characteristics:

  1. Labor saving. Firstly, the deformation force during forging is determined by the product of average unit pressure and contact area, while rotary forging is a continuous local deformation process, and the contact area is only half of that of conventional forging; At the same time, the relative motion between the die and the workpiece has rolling, and the friction coefficient is small, which reduces the plastic flow resistance. Moreover, if the contact area is small, the relative thickness of the plastic zone is large, the stress state coefficient is small, and the deformation resistance is small. To sum up, the deformation resistance of rotary forging is only half that of conventional forging.
  2. High precision. Swing rolling can make the forging blank deform evenly and the metal fiber flow is reasonable. Combined with the processing strengthening in the process of swing rolling, the mechanical strength of the finished parts is greatly improved, and the machining accuracy and surface quality are also greatly improved. The forming accuracy of general mechanical parts can be 0.03-0.1mm, the hot forming accuracy is 0.1-0.5mm, and the surface roughness after forming can reach ra0.5mm 08-Ra0. 2. It can be used for less and no cutting processing and save metal materials.
  3. It can process parts with complex shapes, especially for local thin forgings that are difficult to be processed by general forging methods, such as 0.5mm thick flange with rod.
  4. Cold rotary forging is adopted, which also saves heating equipment and related energy consumption.
  5. No impact, low vibration and noise during operation, easy to create good working conditions and no environmental pollution.
  6. It can be produced in a single machine or in a group of lines, which is easy to realize the mechanization and automation of the production process.

Due to the above advantages of rotary forging process, it has unique advantages in the field of precision forming. China started early in the theoretical research and production practice of rotary forging process, and has made many achievements.

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