Setting of initial conditions for numerical simulation of precision forging of spiral bevel gear

(1) Mold and blank materials can be directly selected from the material library of DEFORM software. The mold material is aisi-h-13, and the blank material of spiral bevel gear is aisi-4120 [70-2200f (20-1200 ℃)].

(2) The preheating temperature of die and blank is 300 ℃, and the initial forging temperature of spiral bevel gear blank metal is 1150 ℃.

(3) The working speed of the die, the moving speed of the spiral bevel gear tooth die and the floating die are set to 150mm / s.

(4) The step size and total step size can be 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 10 of the minimum grid size. If the step size is too large, the grid will be distorted, and if the step size is too small, the simulation time will be increased. For the closed precision forging of spiral bevel gear, due to the complex geometry of the workpiece, the step size is 0.25mm, That is, select the option with constant die displacement in the column of pre-processing step setting solution steps definition, and set its value to 0.25mm. The total number of steps can be determined according to the moving distance and step length of the die. Since the total stroke of the die is 32mm, the total step length is set to 128 steps.

(5) The friction model deform provides three types: shear friction model, Coulomb friction model and mixed friction model. For this simulation, the shear friction model is selected and the friction coefficient is set to 0.3.

(6) Heat transfer coefficient because the simulation of spiral bevel gear is a thermal mechanical coupling problem, there is heat conduction between spiral bevel gear die and blank, and the heat transfer coefficient is set as 11n / (s · mm ·℃).

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