Simulation modeling of mechanical gear forming based on DEFORM

According to the analysis of the forming process of the mechanical gear forging parts, there are two main forming processes of the mechanical gear in the die forging process: upsetting and die forging. The simulation model of mechanical gear upsetting and die forging is established based on deform, as shown in the figure.

1.Upsetting upper die; 2.Cylindrical blank; 3.Upsetting lower die

The materials of upsetting upper die, upsetting lower die, die forging upper die and die forging lower die are H13 die steel, and the initial cylindrical blank material of mechanical gear is 45 เท steel, corresponding to the mechanical and physical properties of cylinder blank and die material.

According to the simulation model of mechanical gear upsetting and die forging, the mechanical and physical characteristics parameters of cylindrical blank and die material are obtained. When the normal temperature is set at 20 โ„ƒ, the die is rigid body, the forming part is plastic body, the upsetting speed is 5 mm / s, the forging speed is 30 mm / s, the friction coefficient between upsetting upper die and cylindrical blank, the friction coefficient between cylindrical blank and upsetting lower die, the friction coefficient between upper die and upsetting part, and the friction coefficient between lower die and upsetting part are all 0.12. The upsetting and die forging of mechanical gear are simulated and analyzed. In order to simplify the calculation, the 1 / 4 model is taken for computer simulation analysis, and the simulation results of mechanical gear forming are obtained by computer calculation.

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