Solid generation of helical gears

Generation of single helical tooth

Using “curved surface → swept”, select the gear profile as the swept section. Since it is difficult to generate an accurate gear model by using one helix, it is necessary to establish multiple helices as the guide line to generate an accurate helical tooth model. Select two helices located in the tooth top circle and one helix in the gear center as the guide line to generate gear helical teeth by sweeping, as shown in Figure .

Array of gears

Select the created gear and select

Menu “edit → transform → rotate around the point (the base point is the coordinate origin) → angle (360 / tooth number Z) → multiple copies are available (input data tooth number Z-1)”, forming a complete tooth.

Structural features of gears

The tooth root round tooth blank can be obtained by using “forming feature → stretching → selecting tooth root circle DF → inputting the starting value 0 and the ending value tooth width b”. Repeat the previous step, stretch the gear shaft cylinder, carry out Boolean operation, and finally obtain the final helical gear solid model.

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