Spiral bevel gear has more advantages than straight bevel gear

Compared with straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears have the following advantages.

1. The contact ratio is increased, that is, the overlap coefficient is increased. Because the tooth line of the spiral bevel gear is a curve, at least two or more teeth are in contact at the same time in the transmission process. As a result of overlap alternation, the impact is reduced, the transmission is stable, and the noise is reduced.

two。. Due to the relationship of the helix angle, the overlap coefficient increases, so the load ratio decreases, the wear is uniform, the load capacity of the gear is increased and the service life is increased.

3. A large transmission ratio can be achieved, and the number of small gear teeth can be reduced to 5 teeth.

4. The radius of the cutter head can be adjusted and the contact area can be corrected by tooth line curvature.

5. The grinding of the tooth surface can be carried out, the noise can be reduced, the contact area can be improved and the finish of the tooth surface can be improved.

Due to the existence of the spiral angle, the spiral bevel gear is easy to produce axial force in the process of transmission, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate bearing when using it.

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