Spiral bevel gear machining machine and technology

The tooth surface geometry of the spiral bevel gear is completely determined by the machining parameters of the machine tool. Therefore, the machining and selection technology of the spiral bevel gear is closely related to the progress of the machine tool. The traditional shaking table machine tool is a great breakthrough in the manufacturing technology of spiral bevel gear, which is represented by the method of cutter inclination and denaturing. The introduction of denaturing mechanism makes the manufacturing technology of spiral bevel gear perfect, and some theories and methods of gear whistling that are difficult to realize can be applied to spiral bevel gear in a faster way. At present, the gear processing machine tools of most domestic enterprises are still in this category.

Gleason is the main supplier of spiral bevel gear machine tools. On the basis of the original mechanical bevel gear hobbing machine, the company has successively developed a CNC spiral bevel gear machining machine with five axis linkage (also known as free from machine) in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Such as: phoenix175hc, 250hc, 500hc and gear grinding machine 200g, 400g, 800g and other series products. The Phoenix machine tool of free form series launched by Gleason company has a large degree of freedom for adding and adjusting, which provides a broader development space for the design and manufacturing of spiral bevel gear, and creates a new era of bevel gear processing. In addition, the company has developed a software system for matching honey with CNC machine tools from gear design to analysis, addition and detection. The German company of the company cooperates to develop an error analysis system, which is connected with a series of machine tools, known as a closed-loop system.

In our country, the mechanical spiral bevel gear machining machine tool is basically imitating the Soviet Union’s 525528 type gear milling machine, and the two models of y2250 and y2280, which are representative unified gear machines, are also the main equipment for processing spiral bevel gears in various industries in our country. In order to break the situation that the high-end bevel gear machine tool is completely dependent on import, many domestic enterprises and scholars have invested a lot of energy in the development of CNC gear making equipment with independent intellectual property rights in China. Among them, Tianjin No.1 Machine Tool Plant has developed and produced CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine; gear Research Institute of Central South University and Changsha Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. have developed CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine and gear grinding machine. In addition, a series of four-axis CNC gear grinding machines independently innovated by Tianjin, a five axis cutter tilt CNC gear milling machine independently developed by Luoyang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., and a series of five axis CNC gear grinding machines of Changsha Chuangyuan have also been successfully developed and produced in batches.

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