Spiral bevel gear sharp tooth scraping cutter head

The scraping cutter head for hard tooth surface of spiral bevel gear is a direct tool for scraping processing. Its perfection greatly affects whether the scraping processing can be carried out smoothly and the quality of gear processing. Therefore, it is necessary to elaborate the machining principle, tool material and tool geometric angle parameters.

The main function of carbide scraping cutter head is to correct the heat treatment deformation of gear during heat treatment. Scraping is carried out on the premise of semi finish milling with high-speed steel cutter head. The tooth form forming principle and tooth cutting principle of carbide scraping cutter head should be the same as that of semi precision milling high-speed steel cutter head. Its cut gear is also a kind of approximate meshing like ordinary spiral bevel gear.

Theoretically, it requires two tooth surfaces to contact each other at a given calculation point, and its instantaneous transmission ratio is equal to the fixed value. On the premise of ensuring the tooth height and the curvature radius of the tooth line, the contact point becomes a small contact area due to the elastic deformation of the material. There are two main ways to process spiral bevel gears: forming method and generating method. However, no matter the forming method or the generating method, the pinion must be processed by the generating method.

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