Strength check of spiral bevel gear planet carrier

In the process of planetary carrier transmission, the axis of planetary gear will be offset, and the load distribution in the width direction of planetary gear will be uneven. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out static analysis on the three-dimensional model of planetary carrier with planetary shaft.

The four planetary gears transmit torque to the planet carrier through the planetary shaft, and the load on each planetary axle is FH = Th / 4a34, th is the output torque, and A34 is the center distance. The rated working load is 744.05 N and the emergency stop load is 232.14 n.

As shown in Figure 1, the planet carrier is meshed and loaded. Figure 2 shows the equivalent stress nephogram of the planetary carrier under rated and emergency stop conditions.

Under the rated condition, the maximum equivalent stress is σ 1max = 84.3 MPa, and the maximum equivalent stress under emergency stop condition is σ 2max = 252.9 MPa.

The equivalent stress is less than the yield limit of planetary carrier material, σ s = 785 MPa. The planet carrier meets the requirements of stress intensity.

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