Stress analysis of cylindrical gear teeth

Nominal torque T1: calculate the contact strength of cylindrical gear transmission. Generally, the power P (k, w) transmitted by driving cylindrical gear and speed n1 (R / min) are known. The corresponding forces acting on the driving wheel and driven wheel belong to the acting force and reaction force, so the magnitude is equal and the direction is opposite.

The stress direction of each wheel is: the circumferential force of the driving wheel is the resistance, and its direction is opposite to the rotation direction; the circumferential force on the driven wheel is the driving force, and its direction is the same as the rotation direction; The radial force points to the wheel center of each wheel respectively; The normal force is tangent to the base circle.

T1 — nominal torque of driving cylindrical gear, n · mm

D1 — diameter of indexing circle of driving cylindrical gear, mm

α—— Indexing circle pressure angle

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