Strictly control gear processing technology

For the improvement of gear machining accuracy, it is necessary to control and manage the related processes of gear machining more strictly on the basis of the existing ones. Among them, the heat treatment process is of great significance for improving the machining accuracy of gears.

Therefore, the heat treatment process of gears should be carried out according to the corresponding process specification. For gear heat treatment process, the final shape of gear will be affected by many factors. For example, the temperature of heat treatment equipment, carburized layer in heat treatment process and the operation proficiency of relevant technical personnel will have a certain degree of influence on gear heat treatment processing technology. The higher the temperature of the heat treatment equipment and the thicker the carburizing layer, the deformation of the final gear will be intensified, which will have a very adverse impact on the improvement of gear machining accuracy.

Therefore, in the actual processing process, the relevant operation and technical personnel need to improve their professional quality, strictly in accordance with the corresponding operation process, timely adjust the temperature of heat treatment equipment and the thickness of carburized layer, so as to effectively reduce the deformation degree of gear, further guarantee the accuracy of gear processing, and lay a solid foundation for the development of relevant mechanical technology The basis of.

In addition, in the process of gear quenching, relevant technical operators also need to strictly control the cooling process of quenching. In this process, it is necessary to strictly control the oil temperature, reduce the adverse effects of the cooling capacity of different oil temperatures on gear deformation, and further improve the accuracy of gear processing technology.

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