Structure analysis of continuously variable transmission of automobile mechanical gear linkage

The stepless transmission is of great significance to the driving of automobiles. In view of the current development of automobile manufacturing industry in China, if the development of automobile industry wants to achieve stable development, it is necessary to strengthen the analysis of its developing technology application. As a common automobile accessory manufacturing in the development of automobile manufacturing industry, the link type stepless transmission, In the manufacturing process, we should pay attention to the processing of technical parameters and system simulation design in the manufacturing process. In the research process of this paper, through the simulation design of parameters and gear application in the application of CVT, the transmission optimization design in the automobile manufacturing is carried out, According to the application of automobile simulation system designed in this paper, the safety of automobile transmission design can be improved comprehensively. Therefore, the research of this paper is of great significance for the development of automobile industry.

As an important factor in vehicle transmission control, mechanical gear linkage CVT has the role of guiding vehicle transmission conversion control. According to the application of CVT in actual brake control, the structural design plan in its overall application is shown in Figure 1, where 1-14 represents the corresponding parts in the transmission. The specific structure is as follows.

According to the brake element control in Figure 1, the component configuration structure is shown as follows, where 1 represents the input shaft, 2 represents the cam, 3 represents the slip ring, 4 represents the connecting rod, 5 represents the speed regulating wheel, 6 represents the speed regulating plate, 7 represents the speed regulating rod, 8 represents the overrunning clutch, 9 represents the movable support plate, 10 represents the pinion, 11 represents the left end cover, 12 represents the internal gear, 13 represents the pin shaft, 14 represents the output shaft. In practical application, the function of each configuration element is different. The application of the equipment should be adjusted according to the specific requirements of variable speed braking.

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