Structure analysis of sealed rotor system with straight planetary gear

The rotor with contact seal is taken as the research object. The system is composed of rotor shaft, seal track, seal and other related components. As a derivative part of the rotor, the sealed runway is fixed on the rotating shaft. With the rotor rotating at high speed at the speed of N, for rotors or seals with different diameters, whether to install the sealing runway or not can be selected according to the situation. The sealed runway and rotor are collectively referred to as the rotor. Contact with the rotor is the sealing plate, and the contact sealing structure is formed between the rotor and the sealing plate.

Contact seal is a kind of flexible high-speed dynamic sealing device. It is composed of sealing plate, front and rear baffles, rivets and other parts. As shown in the figure, the axial and circumferential structure diagram is shown.

The contact seal is that multiple seals are overlapped alternately and assembled by rivets. This assembly method can enhance the axial stiffness of the contact seal to a certain extent. Each seal is machined with a group of curved beams evenly distributed in the circumferential direction. There is a gap between the curved beams and the curved beams to ensure a certain displacement in the radial direction.

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