Study on dynamic characteristics of aeroengine center bevel gear

The dynamics of bevel gear transmission system has been studied, but due to the author’s limited level and the complexity of bevel gear transmission system. There are still many deficiencies in the research content of this paper. For example, considering the nonlinear factors of bevel gear transmission, only the time-varying meshing stiffness is introduced. There are many nonlinear factors such as bevel gear side clearance, meshing in and meshing out impact and bevel gear transmission error, which can be deeply studied in the future research work. In solving the dynamic model of bevel gear transmission system, the numerical solution method is used, which has the problems of large amount of calculation and difficult to control the error. At the same time, the solution results are difficult to verify its authenticity. In the future research, an effective analytical method should be sought to analyze the characteristics of the dynamic equation of bevel gear transmission system.

At present, most scholars at home and abroad mainly focus on the influence of the physical parameters of the bevel gear on its dynamic characteristics. However, for bevel gear transmission system, its dynamic characteristics are also affected by assembly and other factors. It needs to be considered in the follow-up study. In the fault diagnosis of bevel gear transmission system, generally, bevel gear faults are sudden and difficult to predict. However, there is still some performance in the vibration signal before the fault occurs. Therefore, the research on the dynamic characteristics of bevel gear should be combined with fault diagnosis to provide support for bevel gear fault prediction and diagnosis.

Although the theoretical research on bevel gear transmission system has been very in-depth, the relevant experimental research has not kept up. The results of theoretical research cannot be verified by experiments that have not yet been carried out. Therefore, in the follow-up study of bevel gear dynamics, experimental research should be carried out as a key point.

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