Study on dynamics of domestic star gear transmission system

In China, in 1997, Zhang Jianyun et al. Established the dynamic model of 2K-H Planetary Gear Reducer by using the lumped parameter method, and obtained the vibration response of the system by solving the vibration differential equation of the system; in 2000, Sun Tao used the Lagrange equation in his doctoral thesis to analyze the vibration response of 2K-H Planetary gear reducer The nonlinear dynamic equation of the planetary gear transmission system with multiple degrees of freedom is derived. The nonlinear factors such as backlash, error and time-varying stiffness are considered in the equation. The dynamic equation of the system is solved by harmonic balance method, and the nonlinear dynamic of the system under certain conditions is obtained

In 2003, sun Zhimin, Ji Linhong et al. Carried out a nonlinear dynamic modeling of the gap type planetary gear transmission system considering the backlash and time-varying meshing stiffness, and studied the nonlinear dynamic characteristics of the system caused by errors under different parameter conditions; 2010 Based on the consideration of time-varying stiffness, backlash, comprehensive meshing error and friction force, the nonlinear dynamic model of 2K-H Planetary gear transmission system with translational torsional coupling was established by Zhu enyong and Wu Shijing in, and the influence of tooth friction force on vibration response of gear system was analyzed by Gill integral method.

In 2011, Wu Shijing and Liu Zhenhao established a strong nonlinear pure torsion dynamic model of planetary transmission system considering the influence of multiple factors, and analyzed the influence of time-varying stiffness, gear backlash and comprehensive error on the nonlinear dynamic characteristics of the system In, Wei Jing, sun Qingchao, etc. established a nonlinear dynamic model of the system under multi-component coupling, and solved the vibration response of the system under internal and external excitation, taking into account the influence of time-varying meshing stiffness, transmission error and impact excitation generated during tooth meshing. In 2014, Huang Qilin published his doctoral dissertation

In this paper, the closed planetary gear transmission system is studied, and the relative displacement of each component in the system is deduced Based on the equation, two dynamic models of planetary gear transmission system are established, including translation torsion and pure torsion; the nonlinear factors which affect the system, such as time-varying stiffness, backlash and meshing error, are described mathematically; the mathematical model is established, the natural characteristics and frequency response characteristics are analyzed, and the influence of parameters on the vibration characteristics of the system is analyzed Some achievements and progress have been made.

two thousand and fifteen In 1998, Wang Cheng established the nonlinear dynamic models of the system under the coupling of transverse torsional pendulum for the involute spur fixed shaft gear transmission and planetary gear transmission respectively, and carried out the experimental study and model validation of the vibration characteristics, and compared the numerical simulation results and the experimental results of the gear transmission system under multiple steady-state conditions; in the same year, Cheng Yanli combined the theoretical and experimental research Based on the lumped parameter method, the dynamic model of the planetary transmission system is established, and the dynamic response characteristics of the system under specific working conditions are solved, and the ADAMS software is used to solve the dynamic response characteristics of the system The results show that the simulation results of Adams and theoretical analysis have certain similarity, which clearly indicates the necessity of studying the vibration characteristics of the system.

Two thousand and seventeen In 2004, Chen Fu made a nonlinear dynamic model of the multi-stage planetary gear transmission system and analyzed it accordingly. Taking into account the friction between the tooth surfaces, the time-varying meshing stiffness, the coupling effect between the box and the various stages, he established a pure torsional nonlinear dynamic model of the system, and used the numerical integration method to calculate the dynamic characteristics of the system under different friction coefficients The vibration amplitude of the system with different friction coefficients is compared, and the dimensionless nonlinear dynamic equation of planetary gear transmission system is deduced. In 2018, pan Bo and Sun Jing established the dynamic model of spur gear train, and studied the system dynamic characteristics under the influence of speed, meshing error, backlash and load.

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