Study on the load distribution in the tooth direction of involute helical gear

Uneven load distribution of helical gear is a common engineering problem, which should be considered as a key issue in design to ensure a reasonable distribution of helical gear load and make the load more reasonable. Currently, common methods are as follows:

(1) The parts and components associated with helical gears should be designed reasonably

When the helical gear shaft and helical gear are matched, the parameters shall be reasonably set and the gear box shall be reasonably arranged. When selecting the type and size of the bearing, a reasonable match can improve the rigidity of the gearbox, reduce vibration and reduce the deformation of the helical gear.

(2) Improve helical gear parameters

According to the standard manual, the proper type of helical gear is correctly selected. On this basis, the basic parameters affecting the form of helical gear are deeply studied, and some special gears are studied to meet our requirements.

(3) Assembly relationship of helical gears

Due to the manufacturing error between the driving gear and the driven gear, the stress of the helical gear in meshing contact will be uneven. Through the reasonable assembly of the helical gear, the influence of the error can be eliminated to a certain extent. Improving the contact performance of helical gear meshing is also reflected in the fact that the gear box, the installation component of helical gear, also needs to be improved to reduce the installation error.

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