Surface integrity of gears and development trend of anti fatigue manufacturing technology

As the key component of transmission system, gear is not only the transmission power and energy, but also the inheritance of world civilization and science and technology and the embodiment of a country’s scientific and technological development level. In a sense, it is also a partial display of a country’s comprehensive strength. China is now a big country in gear production, but there is still a certain gap between the performance of the gear products produced in China and foreign countries, such as short service life, poor bearing capacity and unstable quality, etc., so what restricts our research and development of high-end gear products? On the one hand, we have the problem of interest oriented scientific research evaluation system, Many units in our research department have lost research teams that can devote themselves to research for a long time. Now, in order to apply for a project, many projects are tracking hot topics and hyping new concepts in foreign countries, rarely focusing on a certain problem for decades, Moreover, the project funds are rarely supported to do one thing for decades, which makes it difficult to keep the scientific research team focused on research for a long time; on the other hand, our understanding is not in place, and most of our products are still at the level of forming processing and manufacturing that meets the requirements of drawing size and shape, even for complex components, Even according to the drawing processing and production may become a problem, which is difficult to require us to process and produce products with good service performance.

The upgrading of gear products needs to transform the industrial structure and improve the quality of gear through technological innovation and system improvement, especially from forming manufacturing to surface integrity manufacturing and gradually to anti fatigue manufacturing. From the technical point of view, this paper expounds the current situation of surface integrity manufacturing technology of gears at home and abroad, and looks forward to the future development trend of anti fatigue manufacturing, in order to provide some references and suggestions for the structural adjustment and product upgrading of China’s gear industry.

The surface integrity manufacturing and anti fatigue manufacturing of gear will give the gear surface new performance and function, and make the gear parts have long life, anti fatigue and high reliable service characteristics. It is the key core technology to realize the upgrading of gear industrial structure and product replacement in China, and also an important way for the gear production industry to move from low-end product production to high-end product manufacturing.

To realize the transformation of gear from forming manufacturing to surface integrity manufacturing and to develop a new gear anti fatigue manufacturing technology system, we need the improvement of the system, the role of the market, more importantly, the change of our consciousness and the cultivation of core technology. We hope that all of you will work together to realize the dream of powerful gear manufacturing country.

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