Technical advantages of gear ring rolling

Gear ring rolling is a continuous local plastic forming process, which is the intersection and combination of rolling technology and mechanical manufacturing technology. Compared with traditional free forging, die forging and other processes, it has significant technical advantages and economic characteristics:

(1) Less machining allowance, high material utilization rate and high ring precision. The ring blank punching has small skin connection and no flash material consumption, which greatly reduces the machining allowance and improves the material utilization. Compared with the low precision of ring free forging process, the precision of ring formed by gear hot rolling ring is greatly improved, its geometric precision can be equivalent to that of die forging, and the roundness of ring is good without polygonal outer surface.

(2) The ring has good structure and performance. The internal streamline distribution of gear ring rolling is reasonable, with dense structure and fine grains, good fiber arrangement, and its mechanical strength, wear resistance and fatigue life are significantly better than those produced by other forging and cutting.

(3) Less equipment investment, small equipment tonnage and large processing range. In the process of gear ring rolling, the integral forming of the ring is realized through the accumulation of local deformation. Compared with integral die forging, this method can greatly reduce the deformation force of gear ring rolling, and then greatly reduce the equipment tonnage and equipment investment. Compared with integral die forging, the size range of rings processed by general gear ring rolling equipment is larger. The maximum diameter and minimum diameter of rings are calculated in multiples, and there is a difference of dozens of times in quality.

(4) High production efficiency. The rolling speed and ring rolling cycle of the equipment are generally about 1-2mm / s and 10s. The minimum production cycle can be as low as 3.6s, and the high productivity of more than 1000 pieces / hour can be achieved, which is much higher than the productivity of free forging and die forging of ring parts.

(5) Low production cost. Gear ring rolling process has multiple advantages, such as higher material utilization, less processing hours, lower production energy consumption, better die life and so on, so the production cost is low.

(6) Good working conditions. The rolling process is similar to static pressure rolling, with basically no impact and vibration, low noise, high degree of mechanization and automation and easy operation, which not only significantly reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also greatly improves the working environment of workers.

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