Technical improvement of large-size and high-precision spiral bevel gears

The design of side gears and hypoid gears is the same as that of arc gears and hypoid gears. The former is the curvature of the toothed line and the latter is the outer line of the extension line. Its forming principle is that the fixed circle with radius on the swing table represents the simulated wheel, and there is also a certain radius of the oscillating circle. When the oscillating circle rolls completely on the fixed circle, any track of the cutter disc isThe extended outer line, the cutter head for processing the arc bevel gears and hypoid teeth, is called the one-sided cutter head.

All knives have the same path on the internal (or external) knife and only form the tooth surface on the contour line.The model gears form a contour with each other.Different side threaded plates and different tracks form different tooth surfaces and the spiral bevel gears required for processing with the toothpaste processed in the same form are used.During gear machining, in order to obtain the relationship between the gear parameters, each parameter is marked on the top extension outer line of the wheel.

Based on the data provided, the design of the four-ring gear was calculated, with the difference that the gear can use a shrinkage value or a higher gear, while the two-dimensional value can only use a higher gear.At the same time, the following three points are different from the design of spiral bevel gears.Arc wheel designs with different gear transmission functions proposed by different companies are mainly for the transmission of motion of automotive gears. Besides the transmission of power, the stability of motion should also be considered.That is, the overlap coefficient must be large, so it is recommended to use a small modulus design with multiple teeth.

The side gears presented are mainly used in the design of large helical gears in large reducers to transmit power. Therefore, for large models, pinions are recommended, which have good bending strength. Gears with a wide range of cutter heads are generally machined into two-sided methods with high efficiency. However, this method is more efficient because of the different helical angles of the points in the folded lines of the large ring., the tooth lines on both sides of the big wheel.Abnormal contraction may occur, so the bottom of the gear, especially the arc wheel with high teeth, can be corrected to normally shrink the tooth lines on both sides of the large wheel.

If processed in this way, the contour will shrink naturally, the helical angle of the middle point of the teeth on both sides is the same as that of the cutter head, so the selection of cutter head is not good and as strict as that of the gear of the screwdriver, it is recommended to select the cutter head radius according to the table.It can be known that in summary, if the spiral bevel gears mentioned above are made of cycloid quasi-involute teeth, the cutter disc radius can also be determined by the midpoint normal modulus.

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