Technical Index and Characteristics of Bevel Gearbox

The passage following will talk about the technical index and characteristics of bevel gearbox

Technical Index of bevel gearbox

Enclosure∶High stiffness/FC-25 /casting of cast iron;

Wheel gear∶Wheel gear use high –quality and high -purity alloy steel20CrMnTiH to cementite and quench;

Principal Axis∶Axial use quenched and tempered alloy steel , uphang heavy load capacity;

Bearing∶Equip taper roller bearing which can uphang heavy load capacity;

Grease seal∶Double seal grease seal of lip piece, combine the ability of dust prevention and prevent oil leakage;

lubricating∶Can use suitable lubricating , can give play to efficiency of steering engine , and improve lifetime of operating .

Characteristics of bevel gearbox.

Hand wheel which can adjust speed as standard configuration of Corrosion resistant

Stainless Steel Wire screw;

Can choose long-distance electronic system to control the speed;

Can choose simulation and digital indicators;

Powerful box for casting iron;

Special mechanism cam,ensure only transfer necessary torque,reduce abrasion more; bevel gearbox can open the box without special tools,ensure the convenient maintenance.

The passage above only introduces parts of technical index and characteristics of bevel gearbox.

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