Technical scheme of bevel gear tooth top trimming

1. Technical difficulties

There are several difficulties in carrying out bevel gear tooth top trimming under traditional conditions:

(1) Tooth profile problem. The parts requiring trimming are spiral bevel gears, and the tooth profile is involute. It is difficult for the cutter to process according to the involute shape during trimming.

(2) Processing program problems. It is very difficult to program directly in the machining center, because there are some errors between the machined spiral bevel gear parts and the theoretical model, and the standard parameters can not be directly used in the machining program. Therefore, the program needs to be generated and simulated in the computer.

(3) Three dimensional model problem. There are many kinds of bevel gear parts, each of which takes a long time to model separately. Therefore, a method is needed. As long as various parameters are input, the target model can be generated directly.

2. Technical principle

Carry out secondary development in NX software, establish interfaces for various bevel gears, input relevant parameters, and then generate various bevel gear models of left and right rotation. Use the machining simulation function of NX software to simulate the tool path, generate the machining program, import it into the vertical machining center, and use five axis four linkage for chamfering.

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